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Mortgages for Self Employed

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Did you get a “No” on your mortgage application from a big bank or traditional lender? 

Think it’s impossible to get on the housing ladder as an entrepreneur or you work on commission?

We can help you get a YES! 

We offer excellent mortgage solutions for self-employed or commission-based people through our network of alternative & private lenders.

Traditional lenders have highly rigorous lending criteria due to tough government regulations; this makes it difficult for self-employed or commission-based people qualify for a mortgage.  Bottom line is banks and other traditional lenders view entrepreneurs or commission-based as high risk and more likely to default on their mortgage payments. 

Our network of self-employed/commission-based friendly lenders understands that entrepreneurs and gig workers have tax write-offs creating significant reductions in their declared income, may not have a long enough track record as a self-employed individual, or may not be able to provide income verification.

Our alternative and private lenders fill a significant gap created by the highly regulated banks. They are more flexible because they are not bound by strict lending laws and know that 16% or $1.1 million of Ontario’s working population is self-employed and they would be missing out on a huge segment of if they did not have options for the self-employed.  In other words, they want your business and we can help find you the right flexible lender for your self-employed/commission-based or no-income-verification mortgage.

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