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Dreaming of Owning a Home in Canada?

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We know that moving to a new country is daunting and that you may believe you’ll have to rent for a long time.  We can help you realize your dream of home ownership now not later!

Lenders typically require a good credit score, but if you are new to Canada you won’t have one.  That’s not a problem or us; our network of lenders have mortgages for clients who are new to Canada with either permanent and non-permanent residence status. We will walk you through the process and your options.

We have lenders who place more importance on home equity than credit score, so with a decent down-payment you can be shopping for your new home now.

We also have lenders who will need some information to help confirm your creditworthiness. For example:  

  • A valid work permit or landed immigrant status

  • Proof of income through either an employment contract or pay stubs

  • Proof of 12 months of rental payments and/or a confirmation letter from a landlord

  • Regular payments towards utilities, telecommunications, insurance, etc.

  • Letter of reference from a recognized financial institution Several months of bank statements

  • Documented regular savings for 12 months

  • An international credit report

We understand that not having a Canadian credit rating can be difficult.  We can help you build your credit as all lenders give better rates the stronger your credit score is.  Click here and we will send you our Build or Improve Your Credit Score information. 

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We have a variety of financial alternatives to meet your needs!

We've seen it all in our years of experience, so we're used to tailoring our services to specific budgetary requirements. We recognize that for the majority of individuals, their home is the most valuable possession they will ever own, thus it's critical that they receive the service they require.

Creditlinx is committed to providing 5 star customer service. Contact us and a lending professional will assist you in scheduling a free personal consultation. We'll assist you in evaluating your mortgage alternatives and determining the best option for you!

New to Canada Mortgages

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