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Creditlinx Mortgage Agents are licensed professionals. We assist clients of all income levels and credit histories.  We will provide you with the best advice and borrowing recommendations for the home of your dreams.  


Shopping around for the best rate is time-consuming and approaching numerous mortgage lenders directly can be daunting.  Creditlinx has access to many lenders, including lenders who do not deal with consumers directly.  Our lender network includes traditional A lenders, alternative B lenders, and private lenders.

  • A lenders, for example banks and credit unions, are regulated federally or provincially and have strict criteria for prospective mortgage applicants, which typically includes a strong credit score, a stable income, and passing the mortgage stress test.

  • B lenders, for example Mortgage Finance Companies, tend to be more accommodating to an individual’s needs and have more flexibility in the products they offer. For those who do not meet an A lender’s criteria, for example if you are self-employed or you have bad credit, a B Lender can be the best choice.  For those with strong credit and a stable income, a B lender’s rates can be better than rates offered by A lenders, again making a B lender the best choice.  Many B lenders only work through a mortgage agent.  

  • Private lenders typically offer only short-term mortgages, with some being interest-only. Private mortgages are an alternative for those with bad credit or low income that have been declined by other lenders.   Private lenders can also be used by those needing more flexible financing options, such as short-term investments or debt consolidation.  Taking short term financing from a private lender provides a great opportunity to build or improve credit scores. Private lenders only work through a mortgage agent.

With such a wide range of lenders, Creditlinx can help you obtain your mortgage financing at the best rates based on your individual situation…  If you have good or bad credit, are self-employed or commissioned based, or new to Canada Creditlinx can help.


Creditlinx will simplify the process for you, because we are able to determine the best type of mortgage for you, based on your own personal situation. This includes helping you understand payment frequency options, accelerating your payments, pre-payment options, fixed versus variable rates, and open versus closed mortgage options.   Choosing the right mix can help you save money and keep your payment affordable.


Creditlinx will then review options from numerous lenders, find the lender most suited to your situation, and submit documents on your behalf.  It doesn’t end there, Creditlinx will work with the lender to help ensure you obtain your mortgage financing at the best possible rate.  We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you understand the process, your obligations to the lender and theirs to you.


Book Your Free Consultation Today!  

Or Call Us Now 1-888-234-1270

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